People at the conference

The speakers who are invited to keynote at Select Gotland are leaders in their fields, such as the Expert Bed bug Exterminators of Toronto Canada. They have ranged from scientists with groundbreaking new discoveries about pest control to climatologists who offer new ways of thinking about the environment at large. The different perspectives of politicians, entertainers and foreign dignitaries have all broadened and enhanced the attendees’ experience of Select Gotland.

This year’s focus is on some practical matters. The international bed bug outbreak has dictated management tactics and solutions be deployed quickly. Has there been enough testing, and is the right protocol being used? This is the time to make going forward decisions about the right arrangements and the right protocols, and the international pest control community can determine these factors at Select Gotland.

Led by the well-known research scientist Denver Labanthal, the panel discussion about Bed Bug Tactics will be held on the first day of the conference in the Large Auditorium. It will be simulcast to audiences around the world with web access for paying members of Select Gotland. Join us to hear all the news there is about bed bug epidemic.

michale devonhaleAnother practical matter is the cost effectiveness question. When there are pesticides and pest control methods that are costly, but effective, and there are methods that are less costly, but less effective, the question of environmental quality becomes a deal breaker.

There are great conversations to be had about the way to measure the right tools for the job. Join our operational specialist Michale Devonhale for a keynote about the right way to handle the risk analysis, cost benefit analysis and scientific method to determining what the best solution is for a customer.

Finally, there are gatherings of networking groups to enjoy. Dig into the industry’s best minds in a cocktail party environment, or join a round table conversation with people who are innovating in pest control.

The varied environments in which you can encounter the best of the business are designed to get you the most contact with the experts. Join Beverly Gotland for a talk on the Business of Pest Control in an intimate dinner setting the final night of the conference.