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Attending Select Gotland is an experience that many long for but only a few manage to achieve. There is a limit to the number of attendees that we are able to accept each year, so applications are carefully reviewed. Attendees are monitored to ensure that they attend the session they sign up for, not because the micromanagement is useful to Select Gotland, but because the continuing education credits which are awarded by the program are reported back to the authorizing organizations in each attendee’s location of origin.

Different programs are more appropriate for different types of businesses.  Considering the opportunities that are available at the conference and weighing the costs and the number of attendees projected to attend can help a business determine which passes are the right selection for their group.

One Day Ticket: $99 USD

When there is just one presentation or panel that it is critical for your group to see, or when cost control is key, there is the one day ticket. This pass admits one named attendee with a badge to the conference for a full day. This pass does not include any meals or networking events. Guests on this type of pass can purchase drink tickets and networking passes for the evening events starting at $230 USD per attendee.

Three Day Pass – $429 USD

Entrance to any three days of the event on a named user badge. This type of pass admits the attendee to all events, including meals and networking events. Two drink tickets are included with each badge. Guests and plus ones are welcome to the evening events at the cost of $230 USD per attendee.

Full Week Pass – $699 USD

A full week pass is the best value for the dollar, admitting one named attendee on a badge to every single event, speech and networking presentation available during Select Gotland. The different opportunities to meet, learn and mingle are endless.