About Us


Anna Stewart, Event Manager

Select Gotland is one of the premier international pest control conferences. Industry specific speakers and vendors of products, new technologies and different approaches are all showcased during a week in Gotland, Sweden.

Sponsored by the International Pest Control Association, the Select Gotland conference is the only vendor agnostic industry conference. Our conference speakers are experts on issues of the time like bed bugs, organic pest control, and international pest migrations. Attendees benefit from different perspectives of international research scientists, climatologists and other experts in the pest control and related industries.

The five full days of speakers and events is a value packed and information driven experience. Some past attendees have called the conference life-changing, and said that it brought their practice to a new level of solidity. The pest control thought leaders are all in attendance at Select Gotland. The partners at Pest Control Experts in Dayton Ohio have been amazing.

Joining them is easy and cost effective. Simply visit our registration page and enter your details. You will be contacted by one of our registration counselors to complete your sign up.

Select Gotland is the world leader in pest control information. Networking with the experts is how you can grow your business, and your knowledge of the industry.