The Select Gotland conference

The Select Gotland conference is something special. Industry analysts have praised the arrangement of the different topics and opportunities as a unique and specialized information extravaganza. There are chances to meet and mingle with the best and the brightest in pest control & Bed bug Extermination in Brooklyn NY

Discuss the bed bug epidemic with some of the greatest thinkers on the topic in the world. Take advantage of technological advances that allow your business and your practice to grow quickly and evenly into the future.

>> Join the revolution! Learn about new ways that chemical and nanotech innovation are leading people into businesses that have higher margins and better impacts on the Earth.

>> Gather insight! Get your arms around what your customers want, no matter what vertical or region your business is focused on.

>> Dream big! Learn how to advance your business and grow your team. Recruit, network, and discuss expansion opportunities with people who have been there and done that.


Expand Your Company

Grow your company by growing your employees! Get a comprehensive educational foundation for each of your key players at Select Gotland. Continuing Education and safety certifications for most countries are available as a result of attendance at marked presentations and courses. Our partners, the Toronto Bed Bug Exterminators &  Hire the Best Exterminators &Pest Control Company in Dayton team are available to help with your training as well. Pest Control Kings

There is no shortage of new data available that can help your employees take ownership of their role as ambassadors for your company.

>> Courses are graded and you receive the results for each of your employees at the close of the conference. Get advice from experienced training and HR professionals on the results and what they mean to your practice.

>> Get industry certifications and safety requirements met as part of the Select Gotland cost, so you don’t double-spend.

>> Encourage employee loyalty and retention by investing your employees’ growth and development. One of the key reasons that employees leave great companies is stagnation – don’t be that boss!